Watch the trailer for Mahira Khan ’s Verna; or else!

WAIT! Stop what you’re doing. Put down that book! Stop scrolling up on Facebook and swiping right on Tinder (Minder for you Halal Minded Teens)! Stop breathing! Okay maybe keep breathing but stop dilly dallying and go watch the full trailer for the upcoming Mahira Khan starrer Verna. Go, like now. In fact, here watch. I’ll wait.

So! Did you watch it? (Repeats this phrase three times because he’s not bothered to contain his excitement.)


If it’s not, then I don’t know what is. And if you don’t think it’s epic, you don’t know what epic is either. I mean, I was convinced I have to go watch Verna when it hits the silver screen in November, because Mahira Khan, and Shoaib Mansoor. Now, however, I need to be there, first day, first show, and am willing to move mountains (if you know my usual ticket person, this is not a reference to them) to make sure I’m there.

If anything, this trailer is a master class in how to promote a film, for one simple reason. It both gives us a lot and nothing at all. Take note, Syed Noor. At nearly three minutes, the trailer is rather sizable. It shows off the cast, Mahira and two men in her character’s life that ‘ruined’ her. It shows drama, action, suspense, romance and we have absolutely no idea how it all fits together. How true to the film it is will only be seen upon release. But at least it doesn’t rely on long, drawn out slow-motion shots. Which were probably shot just for the trailer *coughs* Yalghaar *coughs*. Excuse the itch in my throat.

This trailer however does a magnificent job in setting up the themes of the film. After all, this is Shoaib Mansoor’s handiwork, you know we’re in for some sparkling social commentary.

Twists and Turns galore

I mean, I very much could do a scene by scene breakdown. But it may turn into me geeking out over Shoaib Mansoor’s attention to detail and of course Mahira. For now though, you’ll have to contend yourself with just this much.

In any case, I haven’t been this excited about a local release in a while. Not since I saw the trailer for Project Ghazi. That was a sad day indeed. I had bought tickets, only to find out the movie was delayed midway through its premier. I almost swore off being overly excited for films. Until last night at least.

Right now, knowing that there’s still a few weeks before I can watch this film has got me all sorts of emotional. Like so:

To which, I’m sure, Mahira and Shoaib must be reacting like so:

Well, in my head at least.

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