Why Don’t the Lux Style Awards Show Villains Some Love?

As I mentioned in the video, the Lux Style Awards, as usual, ignored villains. But, that’s not all that was ignored by them. And the same issue exists in many other awards in Pakistan as well.

The Central Dilemma of Award Shows in Pakistan

Very rarely are editors and musical directors responsible for background score recognized either. But that may just be due to fact that the Lux Style Awards, are an award show focused more on style. What I mean to say is that their focus is rather skewed.

The Oscars, seem to cater to Hollywood fully as an industry. Meanwhile, the Lux Style Awards seem both focused and content with just being the only major award show in the industry.

The only other award show that I can think off are the Hum Awards. A show that only caters to television dramas that air on Hum TV. Beyond that, there isn’t much else.

A quick search lead me to the Wikipedia page is a Pakistan Media Awards. A ceremony that hasn’t taken place since 2013. And, a recently revived relic of a bygone era, the Nigar Film Awards.

Quite frankly, this isn’t enough.

They Lux Style Awards…For Now

Our industry is young. It’s experiencing a lot of growing pains. Trying very hard to create a foothold in its own territory.

All this while competition from abroad is very stiff. For example, in your average cinema, a screen will still be reserved for big budget Hollywood or Bollywood films. Despite there being several Pakistani films being released that week.

It’s growing but the Pakistani Film Industry still needs has light years to go. For it to do so it needs our support and recognition. That is, the Lux Style Awards need to acknowledge all talent. Without that, there’s a shrouding dark cloud over our silver lining.

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