5 Pakistanis Who Should Have Their Own Reality TV Shows

There I was, engaged deep in conversation with Ushah Kazi about Pakistani celebrities and the controversies that surround them. While also, simultaneously, battling sleep. As I began losing my battle with sleep, Ushah had an epiphany. Why don’t Pakistani celebrities have reality TV shows? I was then, briefly, taken over by the vigour of inspiration to start this article. Then I promptly proceeded to fall asleep.

Now as I write this, I’m wide awake, or the illusion of consciousness is active once again. Either way. As Pakistanis relish knowing what goes on in each other’s private lives, it’s a wonder that we don’t have reality TV shows.

I mean we did have that Bachelorette style show starring Meera, and various short-lived competition shows. But they have neither the appeal or the drama (more so the drama) that you associate with reality TV shows. Well, perpetuated drama, but you know what I mean.

Essentially what I’m talking about is Pakistan’s answer to shows like ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, ‘The Real Housewives’ or even ‘The Shahs of Sunset’.

That last one could easily be the name of a Pakistani show about a family living on Sunset Boulevard.

Keep in mind though, I am in no way suggesting that we need such reality TV shows. We have enough trashy TV in the form of talk shows and morning shows. Instead I’m marvelling at the fact that we’ve managed to avoid them. When we have so many worthy candidates to lead them in Pakistan.

You don’t believe me?

Oh you know how much I love proving points! Keep reading and I’ll show you a few of the many possible celebrities who should have their own reality TV shows.


  1. Bushra Ansari

This legendary actress is at the top of my list for many reasons. Given how long she’s been in the business, it’s no doubt she would have garnered a massive following. Beyond that, she is massively talented so there’s little doubt that a show about her life would be entertaining.

Not that reality TV really needs any talent.

Just imagine her having to do mundane tasks, but with her remarkable wit being centre-stage throughout. Like, for example, her telling off the dhobi that burned her clothes. (Yeah I don’t know what would be mundane about that. I just think that would be funny).


  1. Mawra and Urwa Hocane

Next on the list is Pakistan’s very own it-girl sister act. I mean if Kendall and Kylie deserve their own show, so do Mawra and Urwa. And you just know it’s going to be full of all sorts of quirks.

Let’s start with their last name shall we? It’s pronounced ‘Hussain’. unlike Haqqani which is what I first thought. Though I get that explaining this would eventually get old. For those times, I’m sure their sister act would be enough.

On their respective social medias, you can tell that they live life by their own rules and are pretty damn close too. A show based on them would definitely draw in the numbers.


  1. Shahid Afridi

He’s here purely due to our love of cricket as a nation, and Lala is one of cricket’s more vibrant and bankable stars. If he clicks on the crease that is. When he doesn’t, which has been more often lately, he gets a whole lot a flack. As if his record-breaking century on 37 deliveries doesn’t mean anything.

Then during other times, his die-hard fans will never fail to remind you of that century.

He himself is also no stranger to controversy. There was the infamous ‘women should stay at home’ comment. The ball-biting incident. And more recently, getting flak from across the border about his views on Occupied Kashmir.

I’m sure a reality TV show about Shahid Afridi would make headlines. I mean he already has a biopic about his life.


  1. Hina Dilpazeer

Oh, come one, you don’t know who Hina Dilpazeer is? I guess you probably know her as the character, ‘Momo’. Whom she plays on Pakistan’s most successful sitcom, ‘Bulbulay’.

Ah, I see the bright rays of realization on your face now. Took you a bit, but you got there. Anyways, the biggest reason for putting her on this list is just how much of a contrast she forms  with Momo.

Momo is crass, forgetful and erratic while Hina Dilpazeer is poised and collected. But we know what she’s capable off. Though I don’t see her fighting with any dhobi.


  1. Taher Shah

Of all the videos that have gone viral in Pakistan, none have been as infamous and notorious as Taher Shah’s offerings. I mean I have a strong hunch that Ariel’s latest ad borrows from his second track, ‘Angel’.

Anyways, love him or hate him, he is a viral sensation. And I feel, given his mode of expression, he too has a unique take on life. Of all the celebrities mentioned here, his personal life is one that I am genuinely curious about. I want to know the mind of a man that can make not one, but multiple viral videos. That and memes.


  1. BONUS: ME! 🙂

And the web echoes with a loud, Kollective sigh.

Before you go all, “he’s tooting his own horn again”, know that in a poll I did for research purposes, I had left the poll options open. And one of my amazing friends added my name to the poll. And Of course Ushah loved that.

So now, here I am trying to justify giving myself a reality TV show. In spite of my incredibly obvious disdain for the genre.  I mean I guess my wicked savage flow is something to behold.

I cannot believe I just wrote that. And I’m choosing to leave it in the article.

So there you have it, five Pakistani Celebs that should have their own reality TV shows. Once again, I must mention that I not am suggesting we need reality TV in Pakistan. That aside, did I miss anyone? Someone you think I should have or shouldn’t have mentioned? Sound off in the comments below.

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