Just a little Pinch & Co of Happiness

Oh hey! How’ve you been!? Come in, come in, have a seat! You must be exhausted! Oh my the long day you’ve had, you deserve it put your feet and relax. No, no go ahead I don’t mind, make yourself comfortable because boy do I have a story to tell you. In recent days, yours truly has been spending a lot of time exploring the on and offline Karachi food scene. I mean I have been visiting new places, posting about my experiences, interacting with other people.And pretty much just posting about food. In this time, I have encountered some amazing people. All of whom possess nothing short of a treasure trove of knowledge about food. While indulging my inner foodie, I was invited to attend the open house of a new food initiative. Naturally, I jumped at the chance. In all my (albeit limited)  years, I did not know that such a wondrous place could exist. Nor did I know I was missing it in my life. Now, I do not want my life to ever be without just that little Pinch & Co of happiness!

The Foundation of Pinch & Co

No, this isn’t like the time I went to T2F for the first time. That was my fault. I had existed for years with the knowledge of that place, yet never made an effort to visit it. Pinch & Co is a recent addition to Karachi’s food scene. But it’s founder, the charismatic Samar Husain is anything but.

This Cordon Bleu trained chef and restaurant consultant has been a regular fixture in the catering and restaurant development scene for over a decade. Much like Frida Kahlo, who inspired millions through her art, and who incidentally watches over Pinch & Co from a large mural painted in her likeness, Samar inspires via her immeasurable passion.

You can say Pinch & Co’s roots are very deeply ingrained in both Karachi and in Samar’s passion. And they’re some deep roots. Capable of bringing the love of food to the centre stage. I may have only spent a couple of hours at the multifunctional space. But it was without a shadow of a doubt, the most constructive and supportive environment that I have ever experienced.

Tasters at the Pinch & Co event

Having such an environment is important if one wants to build a community centred around the love of food. Pinch & Co is well on its way to doing just that. From the moment you walk through its white doors, till you leave, you are welcome. Welcome to learn, interact, to ask questions and to grow. It’s a place where your curiosity is rewarded and the path to your destiny is unblocked and unbolted.

Everything and Anything

Oh you want to know why I referred to the premises as multifunctional? The answer is simple; because it is. It is a cooking school, a catering kitchen, a pop-up restaurant space, and a private restaurant space. It is also a corporate bonding space, an exhibition space and a consultation studio.

Everything here stems from a deep and intense love of food. In fact it doesn’t just stop at love. It is the belief that food unites us. Regardless of what background we come from, what we believe in, what we are taught and what we must unlearn. Food brings us together.

The open house was that idea personified. While I was only able to attend a couple of hours towards the end, the event actually began at 10 am. Over the course of that full day, several of their in-house teachers took to the spotlight to conduct classes. Classes which covers all the bases of food and cooking. From steaks to shahi tukrey, from banoffee pies to ganache tarts. If you spent a day here, not only would you get an all access pass to a  cave-of-wonder style store of knowledge. But you would also have been well fed.

Well not just well fed like you feel full. But well-fed as if you are completely buried in the warmest most comfortable embrace ever. Though I guess it was understood that the food would be good. But unlike many other cooking courses, here everyone got a generous taste of everything

The Lady of the Hour

However, it wasn’t the food, inviting interior, knowledgeable teachers or even the riveting company that impacted me the most. That honour is reserved expressly for Samar and her vision.

An instructor at the Pinch & Co event

I feel the need to mention this again, my interaction with Samar was limited, unfortunately. Limited to just those two hours I spent at Pinch & Co and less than half a dozen online interactions. Let me tell you, she is one person you want to meet in person. Then and only then can you truly get a sense of just how devout her passion truly is. Ask her question about food and her face lights up. With a certain brightness that assures you that you are in for an amazing story.

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely eager to delve deeper into this amazing realm of Samar’s creation. Whether or not I actually find my destiny, that remains to be seen. But one thing I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt is that the journey will be one of exuberant wonder. Seasoned perfectly with just that perfect Pinch & Co of happiness.