Pride and Pizookie

Disclaimer: The lovely ladies at Savor Flavour had asked me to carry out this review. As always, I paid for the full Pizookie, much to their surprise.

Okay so let’s get the name out-of-the-way first. I can sense your palpable curiosity through the screen. Pizookie is a combination of the colloquial terms Pizza and cookie. Your horror should be much abated after learning that, there is in fact no cheese or tomato sauce here. Instead, you have a giant cookie, cut into 8 slices.

Since this is in essence, a giant chocolate chip cookie, all the usual metrics apply here. In my mind, when I think of the perfect chocolate chip cookie, I am transported to the Upper West Side of Manhattan. To Levain Bakery, an its glorious, gratuitous, gooey mounds of  pure cookie glory.

The signature chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain Bakery.

Thus, what I’ve come to expect from a cookie, is a delicate crumb, crisp and firm, holding together the cookie. But only barely, because as you breach the surface you enter a new realm. One where flavours meld into each other, leading your taste buds from one enticement to another. From the molasses-heavy sweetness to the toasted nuttiness of the slowly disintegrating crumb to finally the aztec-spiced creaminess of the chocolate.

The question now is; does the Pizookie deliver?

Well, it does and it doesn’t. Where I must applaud Savor Flavour is the texture. The outer edges were just barely crisp. Such that once breached, you felt the the contrasts of textures as you travelled inwards. Towards what can only be described as one of the most pleasing marriages of the various types of soft, gooey,  melt-in-your mouth feelings. Feelings that stem from both the perfectly baked cookie and the generous helpings of chocolate chunks.

The flavour however, disappoints as equally as the texture delights. Though plentiful, the chocolate manages to get lost, drowned out by both the flavour of the fat adding to the good and something more. I can’t tell if it was due to the absence of vanilla or something else, but the crumb itself was overtaken by a pronounced flavour and aroma of eggs.  The latter ended up being so distracting that all the joys of the texture seemed to fade away.

That is a shame indeed. The textures were nothing short of a party in my mouth. But the rave seemed to turn into a mosh pit. The product does have potential though. If they can nail the symphony of flavours just as well as they excelled with the textures, that is.


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