Hot Chocolate From Easy : Settling Into 2019

A New Beginning

I was contemplating whether or not to post today. Then I realised we should start the new year on a good note and with a great taste in our mouths.

And the greatest taste I’ve been made privy to lately is this! You know how much I love Easy’s doughnuts? Well this past Sunday, I suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to have some. Before I knew it, I was standing by the counter.

A Sudden Decision

As they placed my choice of carbohydrate laden bombs of flavour into a box, the lady behind the counter offered up this gorgeous hot chocolate. I said sure and that was the best decision I could have made.

Smooth as an adjective falls short. Rich falls short as all. Decadent isn’t grand enough. Joyous isn’t happy enough. In fact, Instagram’s character limit would also fall short, thus necessitating a mid-writing switch. I say this because  a simple caption wouldn’t be able to do this hot chocolate justice.

I Know What You’re Thinking.

How can a cup of hot chocolate be that good? Well it’s simple really. You start off with real chocolate, none of that abominable drinking chocolate. No skimming on the fat either, I mean it’s the holiday season. Beyond that, if you’re at Easy, you’re not looking to exercise restraint. You are here to indulge, and indulge you will.

Before they hand you a cup of what should only be described as the elixir of pure joy, they top it generously with marshmallow. Not just any marshmallow, but one they have lovingly and freshly whipped up in-house.  It is billowy and smooth, almost like the air was made edible and sweet. Blow-torched just enough to add smokiness, but the true marriage is with what lies underneath.

In Perfect Harmony

The hot chocolate itself, isn’t very sweet at all. Rich and creamy and full to the brim with chocolate, but very little sweetness. Thus was the only way to achieve a true match made in heaven, with the billowy sweet marshmallow.

Have them separately or mix the two. Either way, disappointed you will not be.

This is a cup that truly embodies something I hope to achieve this year. Balance and harmony.  With all the crazy things I’m bond to do and all the good that I must. Balance with all I hope to achieve and what I’m sure will end up going to next year. Harmony, among all the contrasting emotions I am destined to pass through. As well as  between all the paradoxes that make up my personality.

If Only.

If only, it all were as simple as making, or even drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

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