Burger Bros Meet World – Karachi Eat 2019

Brothers (Burger Bros) In Hype

If any eatery had hype at this year’s Karachi Eat, it was Burger Bros. And the buzz did come out of left field too. Two weeks before the festival, no one really had any inkling to who they were or what they’d bring. Suddenly, posts started popping up os these gorgeous little sliders and lo and behold, on the day, they had the longest lines. In mean it took me nearly two hours to be able to try them. Obviously, when something is so hyped up, so surrounded with curiosity and intrigue, you always fear that, what if it’s not worth the wait.

‘Because They’re Worth It’

They could be L’Oreal’s new brand ambassadors though. In fact, they should be.

However, just because I loved them, doesn’t mean I didn’t have some issues with the sliders. If I don’t mention them now, I run the risk of romanticising them so much that both you and I will end up in a vicious cycle of hunger and craving. Beyond that, it’s not like you can love everything about everything at all times now can you?

The One Thing

So the problems, well the one problem that I had. The price and the inverse relationship it has with the size of the sliders themselves. Rs 550 for a small burger is honestly tragic. I mean, for someone like me, it may seem not terrible, like I’d buy them again. Not everyone would though. Especially, given how the food market is today. The small burger also means it’s gone too soon. That, I guess, works in Burger Bros’ favour.


It makes me want to run back for another one, or dozen! They have two variants on offer. Most of the hype ( that I perceived at least) was surrounding the “Flamin Chick Magnet” and not wholly undeserved too. Though, there were spicier options available at the festival, the chicken was succulent. The crisp exterior would give way ever so gently to the tender, juicy interior. Once in, you are treated to cascading flavour. A burger I could easily life off. And would be happy to settle for, had it not been for the “Boss”.

Enter the Boss

If the last burger was the one you’d take out for coffee, the “Boss” is the one you’d take home to your mother, proclaiming your undying love and devotion for. See, I said i’d begin romanticising a lot, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Anyways, I’m always skeptical of anyone who claims they can make a good beef burger in this city. I’ve gotten so many chapli kababs masquerading as burger patties, that my once passionate love for the humble cheeseburger has begun to wane. Well, had, until the Boss showed up.

Not saying I wasn’t skeptical going in though. If anything, I was more so. Not only were they boasting about a great burger, but also a great wagyu burger. Yes, you read that right. Wagyu, that most tender, flavourful and expensive of beefs. A beef that is so easy to ruin by overcooking and here they are grilling burgers made with it.

One bite.

One bite is all it took to drive away all my inhibitions. The bun, soft and yielding, provided protection and support. The sauce delicately enhances the flavour of the entire burger, without taking over. The acid from the pickle brought everything into balance but like everything else worked towards enhancing the most important component, the beef. The taste that stood out the most. The richness that dominates your pallet. The experience that satisfies all your senses and yet leaves you insatiable. All that, comes from the beef. And thank goodness for that too.

And to think, I was at first, only going to order the chicken.

Right now, the only thing on my mind is when they’ll open up their outlet and I can walk in to get my fix. They’ve been calling this burger a game changer. It’s ironic they’ve managed to change the game by going back to the very basics of burger making. To say they just changed the game though, would be a gross understatement. They didn’t just set the bar, they’ve made a brand new one, out of real burgers, at the very top.

They’ve also left me in a weird mix of excitement and apprehension. Excitement because it is the best burger I’ve ever had. Apprehensive because I’m really putting them on a pedestal. If they don’t deliver, you all might just come at me first!

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