Dua-e-Reem: A Truly Progressive Prayer

Shoaib Mansoor’s Dua-e-Reem is a truly defiant bride’s prayer. Here’s why I think it’s absolutely necessary, especially in today’s day and age!

The Best and Worst Pakistani Films of 2019 (That I Watched!)

“A Middling Year” When reflecting on the year that’s past, Anupama Chopra (who happens to be one of my favourite film critics) referred to 2019 as a ‘middling year’ for Bollywood. Across the border, in contrast, the year has been the year  of opportunities lost. The first full year where no Bollywood film was to…

Laal Kabootar Review: Dark Satisfaction

With our attentions so successfully commandeered, it’s a shame that it ends as abruptly as it does. Otherwise, it is a wholly beautiful film. Though, it misses a few beats, it may cause a seismic shift within Pakistani Cinema.

Pakistani Cinema in 2018: From Best To The Very Worst

New Year New Reflections New Year somehow always turns into a contrived force for reflection. Everyone seems to love look at the year that’s passed, sometimes conveniently omitting crucial failures. However, in the case of Pakistani Cinema, reflection would actually be prudent. 2018 was a rare mix of very high highs and some incredibly low…

Pinky Memsaab: Year-end Blues and Regressions

Hey you! How’ve you been? Oh me? I’ve been here and there, writing some stuff. But I’m back now and so are you! So let’s get to it then. I mean it has been a while since we’ve been here, since I’ve had the chance to review a Pakistani movie. The year did start really…