Coya: Her Royal Highness

The following is a dish-by-dish account of one of the best meals of my life. A meal surpassed only by one.

The Heat Beneath My Wings

I often say my tolerance for heat is, in comparison to most, sadistic. So with some conjecture, you can easily discern that I would be partial to hot wings.


This was hands down THE BEST MEAL I have ever had. No shortage of thanks can be given to the company but food went as far to knock my socks off, bring me to my knees and beg for continued salvation.

Just a little Pinch & Co of Happiness

Oh hey! How’ve you been!? Come in, come in, have a seat! You must be exhausted! Oh my the long day you’ve had, you deserve it put your feet and relax. No, no go ahead I don’t mind, make yourself comfortable because boy do I have a story to tell you. In recent days, yours…