Top 4 Bakehouses in Karachi!

To bake a cake is like crafting joy out of thin air. Thus, to run a bakehouse is to be in the business of happiness. Here are my favourite bakehouses in Karachi!

Food Is Joy: The Nusair-ified Cookie

For those of you who look at food as mere fuel, this may be a hard concept to grasp. I also don’t pretend I can change for perspective in one post. I can however, plant the seeds.

What Is Food?

As my host stood in the centre of our little circle, with a jug and a basin, pouring water for each of us to wash our hands, that’s when I began wondering.

Sól Brings Magic to Karachi Eat.

I buy the weirdest, themed memorabilia, I mean I have Gryffindor themed wax seals. So yes, I leapt at the chance to try the butterbeer made by Sól.

Hot Chocolate From Easy : Settling Into 2019

I was contemplating whether or not to post today. Then I realised we should start the new year on a good note and with a great taste in our mouths. And the greatest taste I’ve been made privy to lately is this!

Da Booda: Meditative Gastronomy

Honestly, getting me, a professed meat-lover, to love vegan food, and to such an extent, is a tremendous achievement indeed.

Comfort Cooking: Pizza From Scratch

I want to invite you on a journey. One, that I hope will aid you in deriving the maximum amount of joy and comfort from the usually menial and mundane act of eating.

The Road To El Browniedo

The purpose of this post though isn’t to rave on about brownies. Quite frankly, a single post wouldn’t be enough. Instead, I give you, a pursuit of happiness.