Dua-e-Reem: A Truly Progressive Prayer

Shoaib Mansoor’s Dua-e-Reem is a truly defiant bride’s prayer. Here’s why I think it’s absolutely necessary, especially in today’s day and age!

Laal Kabootar Review: Dark Satisfaction

With our attentions so successfully commandeered, it’s a shame that it ends as abruptly as it does. Otherwise, it is a wholly beautiful film. Though, it misses a few beats, it may cause a seismic shift within Pakistani Cinema.

Mein: Meesha Shafi’s Act of Defiance

Okay so,  I’ve taken off my watch, rings and wristbands. I do this to ensure no hindrances as I begin to write this article. My hope is, by relaying this information, you understand the urgency with which I write this. Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3 concluded this past weekend. This season’s swan song…

5 Pakistani Artists You Won’t Find on Coke Studio

In an older article, I warned, or let’s say prophesied, that if the producers of Coke Studio aren’t careful, their seat on the pinnacle of Pakistani Music will be taken. Today, I’m going to effectively give that seat away. Away to five people, who I believe should be safely and comfortably perched at the top….

It’s Time We Went to Rehab for Our Coke Studio Addiction

I was scrolling through Facebook as one does late one night. It’s useful for finding out about current events, you see. After reading about Mahira’s cringe-worthy reaction to Javed Sheikh’s awkward show of affection, I realized that the Lux Style Awards took place the night before. So naturally, I was curious to see who the…