The pen is the most powerful thing that any of will ever have in our possession. Why? Because the pen (which also stands in for the act of writing itself) allows us to string together words.

Why would words be so powerful though? Well; words have magic. Why else do you think most spells are based on words. Why do you think if the magician doesn’t talk is through his act, we aren’t convinced of it? Jokes aside, words have a very unique ability. They can touch hearts and souls without the need of physical action. Similarly they can cut wounds deeper than any blade. Wounds that we never see and which may never heal.

With the advent of social media, we have became irresponsible with our use of words. We all now have a platform that is so readily usable that we don’t ever hesitate in using it. Regardless of whether there is cause to or not.

Our comments on a post have effects far beyond what we perceive. But we only understand it when we’re on the receiving end for a change. So today, I want to leave you with a word on the hopes of invoking it’s magic.


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