Top 4 Bakehouses in Karachi!

To bake a cake is like crafting joy out of thin air. Thus, to run a bakehouse is to be in the business of happiness. Here are my favourite bakehouses in Karachi!

Dua-e-Reem: A Truly Progressive Prayer

Shoaib Mansoor’s Dua-e-Reem is a truly defiant bride’s prayer. Here’s why I think it’s absolutely necessary, especially in today’s day and age!

The Best and Worst Pakistani Films of 2019 (That I Watched!)

“A Middling Year” When reflecting on the year that’s past, Anupama Chopra (who happens to be one of my favourite film critics) referred to 2019 as a ‘middling year’ for Bollywood. Across the border, in contrast, the year has been the year  of opportunities lost. The first full year where no Bollywood film was to…