I know I am supposed to finish posting about Coya(Dubai)  but the occurrences of last night require immediate and particular attention. This was hands down THE BEST MEAL I have ever had. No shortage of thanks can be given to the company but food went as far to knock my socks off, bring me to my knees and beg for continued salvation.

By a stroke of sheer luck, I ended up at SteaK_CFU and now I’m left wondering when and how often should such luck repeat itself. As you know the shed visits every table and I chose to submit to his vision. Probably the best decision because the chief of my time was spent conquering this mammoth of a dinner rather than going over menus and waiting for the food with growing impatience.

This is a meal that demands to be savoured. Demands to be enjoyed leisurely. There is no other way. Should you eat too hastily, you wouldn’t get enough time to appreciate how well the steak was cooked. Perfectly medium-rare from tip to tip. Boasting a flavour so rich yet so simple, bite after bite, an existential crisis ensues.

A better look at the steak served.

Why on earth did you ever settle for anything less? Why did you ever chase the fancy names and the imported meats when salvation existed so close to home?

Everything on the plate compliments the meat. The garlic amplifies the sweet richness. The spinach purée provides additional richness and ease. The vegetables provide a break. The salad adds freshness, the potatoes provide a platform and the various acids provide balance.

We do not need to venture far for salvation. It’s here and it has a name. CFU

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