Top 4 Bakehouses in Karachi!

To bake a cake is like crafting joy out of thin air. Thus, to run a bakehouse is to be in the business of happiness. Here are my favourite bakehouses in Karachi!

Dua-e-Reem: A Truly Progressive Prayer

Shoaib Mansoor’s Dua-e-Reem is a truly defiant bride’s prayer. Here’s why I think it’s absolutely necessary, especially in today’s day and age!

Enaaya: A Crucible (Literally)

I’m not going to lie. Enaaya flew under the radar for me. I had no inkling that Pakistan now has a web series on an international streaming platform. Yes, it’s on Eros Now, which is little more than a fluffed-up, Bollywood consumption mechanism. However, it is something, and there’s always hope in such somethings. Hope, as it…

Bloggers VS Influencers: The Farce and the Fallacy

A Bursting Story I feel I write the best when there’s a story inside of me that just decides to wrestle its way out. It escapes and compels me to write. I’m sure other bloggers can relate. That’s what is happening right now. You are reading, as I write with barely contained vigour, in a…

5 Pakistani Songs That Made Me Cry

Music Moves The Soul When Meesha Shafi’s Mein first came out, and when I first heard it, the article that followed briefly touched on the moving quality of music. To add to that, within the scope of that article, I only spoke how that one song made me feel. Music , however, is that transcendent…

Coke Studio: The Gift That Should Stop Giving

Sometime back I wrote an article about how we need to get over our Coke Studio addiction before it’s too late. Well, my dears, we’ve reached the fair land of “it’s too late”. And look who’s here to greet us, Ali Hamza and the travesty, the train wreck, the tumultuous assault on Pakistani music. The…

Karachi and the Politics of Imported Cheese

Cheese? Banned? Earlier this week, the newly inducted Naya Pakistan Government let slip a bombshell. In order to avoid having to turn to the IMF for a bailout, the Imran Khan-lead government has proposed a ban on imported goods, including cheese. That is, if you go around believing every source. The reports are currently speculative….